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 DP Explanation

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PostSubject: DP Explanation    DP Explanation  EmptyTue May 31, 2011 5:47 am

DP Explanation

Now you will learn the rules about the Duel Points. As said in the Ranking topic you can win and lose DP in tournaments and duels.

We will regularly organise tournaments. The DP ruling here isn't always the same. But it will be explained before you can enter. The main thing is taht in some tournaments, you can enter for free. and in others you will have to pay a DP fee. It is logical that in those with a fee tha amount of DP you can Win is higher then the free tournaments.

But you don't have to join tournaments to get DP. You can also challenge other players at the Dueling Grounds. Before starting the Duel you will have to agree on the amount of DP that you both are willing to risk in this duel. Also you have to agree on the othe dueling conditions in YGO3, like f.e. single or match.
After the duel you will have to post the outcome in the topic were you have agreed the terms. And place the DP changes in the DP Change Topic, then the Moderators will adjust your DP as soon as possible.

Please don't leave and disconnect when losing and try to get your DP back. Disconnecting = losing, that's the Rule. Also good Duelist will appreciate when you keep on trying until the duel is over. This will show that you have the real Duelist Mentality and you will earn respect.

DP Explanation  Z4xhu
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DP Explanation
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