This is a duel academy using yu-gi-oh online
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 yugioh playing guide

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PostSubject: yugioh playing guide   Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:20 am

Since we are recruiting mostly new players, of which some have little experience with the game, I decided to post this topic.
here are some tips to help you get better at the game (apart from new cards)

1. small decks: keep your deck size as small as posible (max 50 cards), this increases the chance of drawing the right cards
2. a compact strategy(1): build your deck based on 1 strategy do not try to mix different ones, for this will result in losing.
3. a compact strategy (2): if you build your deck and you dont have the cards to build a big strategy in your deck then place cards of the same type or attribute together + cards who will help you improve these types/atributes
4. build a deck with the right mix of monster magic and trap cards, example: a deck of 40 cards should have between the 18 and the 22 monsters cards, and 22 magic and traps
5. avoid cards that make your deck heavy like sparks (inflict 200 damage to opp) these are useless cards
6. on this forum under guide you can also find npc guide, find the cards you need for your strategy and win them this will help you a lot.

7. you can always buy cards, to help you get better but it is advised that you first learn how to play the game, because new players with a lot of cards are usually not that good players because the neglect point 2

i hope that this is helpfull and i hope that you will become better duelers because of this. for the other experienced duelers you can always add tips. for the less experienced you can ask us questions on how to improve your deck.
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PostSubject: Re: yugioh playing guide   Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:52 am

A good initiative jsbvs29 !!
An other tip i would like to give is to watch more experienced duelist duel. trough this you will learn a lot about the game, for example combo's and when to react on certain cards. Also it could give you ideas for making your own deck.
Also don't just copy a deck you got from somerwere, because having a deck is one thing, but knowing how to play with it are 2 very different things. You've got to know your cards inorder to build a strategy and to react in the best way possible.

Hope this helps to.

PS: I am in Italy now, so i try to come online sometimes, but it isn't always possible Wink

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yugioh playing guide
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